Case Study

Parkingware Earn extra money with your unused parking spots

We know that parking is part of your journey and not a destination. However, we know that arriving at your destination on time and stress free makes people happy. It is therefore important to know that there is a parking space for you near your final destination. We help you find that's what Parkingshop is all about.By making smart use of modern technology and matching unused parking spots with people who seek a spot. 

Parking Becomes Charging

Parkingware, a leading company provides parking and charging systems to companies to realise their true potential in the field of parking and charging solutions which are highly customisable and extendable as per client's request. 


IOT, Real Time Processing



Service Used:



Cloud Services

Windows IOT

Hardware Integration


Microservice Architecture

Cloud System


React Native

Understanding the Opportunities in Parking and Charging Operations

Multiple Systems Integration:

Parkingware's major objective was to integrate multiple systems e.g. Wordpress, Laravel, Cloud Services, Windows IOT and Hardware Integration.

Technological Integration:

Parkingware needed to scale their development team quickly to maintain product momentum. Required experienced engineers proficient in Laravel, Wodrepress, Windows IOT, Python, with a strong understanding of microservice architecture.

Realtime updates:

They required a system for realtime updates regarding parking and charging bookings which are supposed to communicate over the cloud system. The major required factor included the ability to be able to give end users a better experience which started from parking or charging to near real time updates of every step that is being performed by the system.

Highly Scalable Architecture:

Highly scalable architecture was something that was required for realisation of the whole project. The architecture of the system was developed in such a way that scalability was ensured for making sure when new systems are integrated within existing systems the process is very seamless and easy to follow.

Results Achieved


Enhanced User Experience

Realtime communication between charging and parking.


Increased Efficiency through Integrations

Enabled more efficient data flow between servers and devices.


Strengthened Security Measures

Implemented multiple layers of security controls, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.


Successful Deployment

Successfully deployed over 40 differents locations in Europe.